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WHY TAJ? Your fluency is our ultimate goal. At Taj, everything is directed towards that single goal – Your Fluency!

About TAJ

Fluency is our Speciality!

Taj is the one and only Speciality Centre for Language Fluency with a cutting-edge fluency acceleration method called GAFNNC. This superior methodology helps learners to become amazingly fluent in an incredibly short period of time.

At Taj, our Fluency Expert increases your Language performance by targeting the production part of your brain with this unique and powerful method. This proven, easy to follow 4-step methodology utilises the latest studies in linguistics, neuroscience and psychology. Founded in 1999, Taj has helped thousands of students and professionals across India to realise their dreams. Now it is your turn.

Your fluency is our ultimate goal. At Taj, everything is directed towards that single goal – Your Fluency!

Opt for fluency, opt for Taj. We will make you fluent.




For 23 years, Taj has uniquely positioned itself as the only Fluency speciality centre in the world. With our unparalleled capability, devout dedication, and unique and differentiated innovation, we have transformed many lives.

The unique centre

Taj is a Fluency Speciality Centre - not a traditional language institute.

The unique Faculty

At Taj, your trainer is not just any language teacher, he is a Fluency Expert who knows where your ‘fluency button’ is.

Instant Result

At Taj, you start speaking your new language in the first hour itself. You don’t need to stagnate for months and years. Thanks to the cutting-edge scientific method GAFNNC.

Ahead of the world

To be at Taj, is to be ahead of the world. Nobody wants to be left behind. Our students are much more fluent than anybody else who has spent the same number of hours or even a greatdeal more.

The Principle

At Taj, we believe in putting you in the centre of our mission. Serving you right we serve the world.
Because you are the world - people are the world. We treasure every opportunity bestowed on us to serve you.

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