Frequently Asked Questions

TAJ International Language School

Taj International Language School is the best language training institute that helps students and job aspirants to fly high by learning foreign languages.

Taj International Language School is located in Kozhikode. Our address is Taj International Language Training Institute, 2nd Floor, Daya Building, Opp. Baby Memorial Hospital, Next to Catholic Syrian Bank, Mavoor Road, Calicut - 4.

Yes. Taj International Language School offers online and offline training sessions to help students from everywhere.

No. Our office is located in Kozhikode. Students from Kochi, Trivandrum, or any other district can either attend offline classes at our Calicut office or join the online coaching classes.

Yes, Taj International Language Training School offers German language training.

Taj International Language School offers language fluency training in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and English.

Fluency acceleration programme helps you professionally speak a foreign language and win the hearts of your interviewers, colleagues or neighbours when you land in a foreign country.

It is a four-step methodology that utilises the latest research findings in linguistics, psychology and neurosciences. The method accelerates language fluency by instilling the brain.

Taj International Language School focuses on language fluency training, and our students start speaking the new language within an hour of the first class. The students will gain excellent communication skills in the newly learnt language within 50 hours of extensive speaking sessions.

No. Language learning helps you pick the language and understand the meaning of communication. However, your language proficiency can be assured if you undergo a fluency acceleration programme. This helps you blend with the new culture effortlessly and embrace the work culture and social norms easily.