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WHY TAJ? Your French Language fluency is our ultimate goal.

French for Future

Speaking skills in French will help a student or job aspirant explore the opportunities in 29 French-speaking countries across the globe. The dream destinations of Indian youth, including Canada and France are sure to beacon you if you can handle French with ease.

France is the third most popular destination for Indian students who plan to study abroad. French language proficiency will certainly take you to new heights with opportunities for higher education from business schools and universities.

French language institute Calicut

How does Taj International Language School Help You?

A leading French Language Institute in Calicut, we offer offline and online courses in the French language through the coaching centre. We strive to enhance your fluency by allowing you to speak, speak and speak. Taj International Language School Kozhikode introduces you to the most effective French language course in Kerala using the GAFNNC method.

The learning centre follows unique methods to ensure the fluency of our students. The setbacks of traditional language training methods take the back seat in our Institute. Our fluency expert, who has 25-years-experience, does not just help you speak a new language, but he assists you to live that new language.

How to join the French language training course at Taj International Language School?

Our focus has always been and will always be to help you master the new language. We follow a cutting-edge fluency enhancement programme- GAFNNC- to help the learners grasp every babble and word of the language. If you are dreaming to speak French like a native French speaker, hurry up to join our classes. Contact to know course fees and other details. Located in Kozhikode, we assure you extensive support to keep aside your hesitation and start speaking with confidence. A large number of students from Calicut, Kollam, Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Kottayam and other districts in Kerala have successfully completed their language training at Taj International Language School.

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