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WHY TAJ? Your Italian Language fluency is our ultimate goal.

Master Romance Languages by Learning Italian

Learning Italian is as easy as serving pizza. Like the cheesy and spicy pizza that relishes your taste buds, Italian helps you have a good hold over other Romance and Germanic languages. Close kin of Latin, with only 12 per cent divergence between these two languages, Italian paves the foundation for learning a set of other languages commonly used in Europe.

Learning Italian will not only help you speak and understand the Italian language, but it will also help you gain expertise in Portuguese, French or Spanish with less effort. If you are planning a migration to Europe, Italian language skills coupled with English speaking skills is sure to help you out in the communication.

Italian language study centre in Kerala


How to Learn Italian in a Fun-filled Way?

Language expert of Taj International Language School, an Italian Language Institute in Calicut makes learning a fun-filled process by incorporating the GAFNNC methodology. A trained tutor makes learning quick and effective with systematic training and practice for the Italian Language Course in Kerala. Fluency in the language you are learning is what we offer our students by following the GAFNNC methodology. Experienced fluency experts and a well-organized curriculum help the only speciality centre for language fluency to train students in an advanced manner.

Found to open up windows of opportunities to job aspirants and students, we always strive to make learning an interesting process. We assure comprehensive language fluency training and support to persons enrolling for Italian language training.

Why Choose Taj International Language School?

Learn to speak your new language in the very first hour of your learning with our Learning Centre in Kozhikode. With 25 years- of experience in fluency training, we have introduced the GAFNNC method for fluency support. We don't want you to wait till the end of the course to start speaking the language.Practising every word from the very beginning is sure to make you an expert language learner.

Our coaching centre offers offline and online Italian language training at an affordable rate to every student. Online courses through scheduled online classes help students from any part of the world to undergo the language training programme. Contact to know course fees.

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