German Language Learning School for Students from Kottayam

WHY TAJ? Top German Language Learning Center for Students from Kottayam.

Prepare for A Fluent Future from Kottayam

The land of letters, Kottayam, provides students and young professionals with amazing opportunities to grab their destiny. Taj International Language School adds vigour to the focussed journey of Kottayam natives with the best support. The language learning centre and speciality fluency centre, Taj International Language School, provides futuristic support in acquiring language fluency.

Our Kozhikode coaching centre assures extensive support for improvising speaking skills in foreign languages by offering comprehensive practice sessions. Don’t worry if you want to pursue your fluency training from Kottayam itself. Taj International Language School has specially designed fluency enhancement online courses that equip you to live in foreign lands like Germany, Portuguese, Sweden, French, Spain, Italy etc. to build a new career.

Enhancing Fluency for a Brighter Future

An International Language Institute, Taj International Language School offers various fluency improvement courses, including German language courses in Kottayam. Our expert trainer supports you to attain the fluency level offered by GOETHE German.

Extensive support for clearing Level A1 German Exam, Level A2 German Exam, Level B1 German Exam, Level B1 German Exam, Level C1 German Exam and Level C21 German Exam is our promise. We also provide fluency training for Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, English, Dutch, Portuguese etc.

With 25 years of experience in language training and fluency enhancement programme, Taj International Language School follows the GAFNNC method to assure cutting-edge language fluency support to our learners. Awe-inspiring fluency in the shortest time span is the highlight of our fluency support.

Why Choose Taj International Language School?

A complete language fluency training centre Taj International Language School provides fluency support through online and offline platforms. The students from Kottayam can either join our offline campus in Kozhikode or join systematic and efficient online classes. Learning German is made easy with the GAFNCC method. Our expert trainer explores the scope of the latest developments in linguistics, neuroscience and psychology to enhance the brain functioning of our students and accelerate their language skills.

Our 25-year experience in fluency training has helped us develop a unique training method to help our students. Taj International Language School is a fluency speciality centre rather than a traditional language institute. Our fluency expert knows the exact placement of your fluency button and guarantees instant results. You can contact us to know the course fees and book your seat.

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